Safety net

by Mad Choice

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The riffs are redundant and the lyrics are dumb
sue us


released November 1, 2013

Recorded and mixed @ "Pikover Studios" by Eli Pikover, Tel Aviv, Israel
Mastered by Mass Giorgini @ "Sonic Iguana studios", Lafayette, Indiana

Released via Stikman Records :

Cover art by Amit Naamani @


All rights reserved to Mad Choice 2013



all rights reserved


Mad Choice! Israel

Mad Choice started in 2003, with a completely different line up
the group split after half a year and a handful of shows.
In early 2011, Doh doh (lead singer\guitar) thought of reforming M.C., this time with Ben and Zipik taking on the rhythm section duties.
zipik on bass
ben on drums
only a few of the old songs survived the reformation of the group, and new ones were written along the way...
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Track Name: Swallowing A Shotgun
All my favorite bands will never come play where I live
Got to see a few when I flew
That was a dream come true

But then again I see on my screen
All these shows and festivals
Hold on, I need to scream

It's not enough
I will swallow a shotgun
when this show is done

I will sing these songs you're going to hear on our cd
I will try my hardest not to sing in the wrong key
Track Name: Not like im told
I hope when I grow up, the way I'll earn a buck
Will never be the way as they would want to
I live by DIY, and the things I like to buy
Will never cost as much as they work hard for

Because I will never be the same as them
Before I grow old, I'll live the opposite of what of was told
Yeah, i know I'l never be the same as them
Before I grow old - Not like im told
Track Name: Long gone
Do you ever think about me?
I know I think of you
Something tells me yeah you do, but I don't know, well, but I hope

Seems like only yesterday we fought
Together forever's what we thought
But it didn't last too long

Well, it has been a few years and I know you're still the same
Thank you god for ending that part of my life, cuz now I know

Seems like only yesterday we fought
Together forever's is what we thought
But now yeah now it's long gone

Well, whats up?
Nothings up.
Well, good luck
Fuck you
cuz I know

Seems like only yesterday we fought
Only yesterday we fought
But now it's long gone.
Track Name: Freak out
Spent too much being sober
That makes my mind real numb
In my head voices are all over
And I'm so fed up, I'm done

I'm under so much fuckin' pressure
life is sometimes real hard
I really need to blow some steam
I think I'm gonna freak out

It's about time for me to freak out

And that time is NOW
Track Name: On & off
Something burning deep inside
It's what I dream about at night
I didn't do it for a week
Its something that makes me feel unique

Yeah since day one
I knew that we belong
Cuz it never felt wrong

Something most people cannot see
A feeling you know if you're like me
It always gets me kinda high
It's something I'll do until I die

Something I just can't seem to turn on and off
Track Name: Beam me up
Woe is me
Me is wondering
When exactly will you stop crossing my mind
Yeah and when I'll get another chance
I'll buy smaller pants
That fit me in advance
If I'll have another try
I'll land that trick or die

Take me far

Nervous wreck
Standing in my way
Will this cycle take me fast enough?
Maybe one day I'll find
All the parts and combined
What is that in my bed
Another corpse, or a friend?
All this cold and this rain
But I'll have fun again
Buddy,where have you been?

Take me far

Everything's made up to you...
Track Name: Just like wine
It's another Friday night or maybe Thursday, well alright
Let's get to the point of this song
Part of a small thing that not too many people know
And that's what I live for

And if I wanna see a show
I know just the right place to go
I'll see my friends that i know from many years ago
Fun times, good tunes, just like last time - just like next time

Was in a band, so this is new.
PUNKROCK, IL . Cuz I'm a jew
Sometimes it's not enough
We still kick ass, we`ll kick your's too
Mo matter where you're from or what you do
Opinion`s not a crime
Track Name: 4 Down
OK, Let's play
4 down, I roll away
There's never a game over
Won't stop until I drop

Addicted from the start
Gets peace of mind and heals a broken heart
Rolling away, I feel sublime
That's why I do it ever since
Sometimes it makes no sense
Track Name: I remember
I remember when i was a kid
I fell on a pile of shit
I remember it hurt so bad
But I knew that I'll never quit
I remember, four minutes it lasted
and you laughed behind my back
I remember the smile in my heart
Her picture in my backpack

I remember first thing in the morning
No doubt I would ever guess
I remember it's usually at night
Inspiration is such a mess
I remember it's little things
Things that are worth to embrace
I remember that movie with Jim
and wish I could too some erase

Hiding from my dad
All the fights they had
A picture's not enough
My first fuckin' puff
370 again
see ya next weekend!
Track Name: Stop
Why did you quit? I just thought
We're in it for life, I just thought
I am nothing like you

Is there more to life? Yeah, I'm sure
Am I missing out? Don't think so
I am nothing
I am nothing
I can't stop

don't want success
I just need to release some stress
I just thought,well now - this is how to
Not much to gain, no regret
It's worth all the pain, yeah you bet
I am nothing
But theres one thing
I cant stop

Something told me I'm in it for life
Track Name: Safety net
I never ever spend my time just sitting around
I eat, I drink, I work, I sleep and to my skateboard I'm bound
This riff is cool, I'm such a tool - I need to figure me out
Here comes the chorus, a horse of course- there never was any doubt

Don't give up on me just yet
I hope I hope I'll land on a safety net
Track Name: 1 2 3 4
1 Life
2 Short
3 Years
4 What?